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KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW would like to welcome our newest sponsor Tuffy's Outpost
We at KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW will have several great things happening with Tuffy's Outpost as one of our newest sponsors. Tuffy's Outpost is dedicated to the success of 
KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW and help ensure it's continued growth.
Please stop down at Tuffy's Outpost on Main Street in Fond du Lac, WI. Show them your support and let them know how great it is to have them supporting a great organization.

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PFL is offering anyone that is looking for anything that needs to be printed and mentions that you were referred by KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW. You will get a $40 discount on your order. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

We are also very pleased to welcome Hutson Tax Service, LLC to our team. We are also very pleased to announce that Hutson Tax Service, LLC has volunteered to take care of all our tax filing needs for our organization. Please show Hutson Tax Service your support. In speaking with owner Sheri Dowidat. I can tell you that it's worth giving her a call or drop her an email for your personal taxes. They are very reasonable in pricing and care about your needs.

KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW has been invited to participate at the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Conference on Sept. 25th. This will be a great opportunity for this organization to get in front of great writers from across the country. We would like to give a heart warming "thank you" to Dan Small host of Outdoor Wisconsin for making this possible for our organization.

KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW would really like to thank Tuffy's Outpost located at 371 N. Main St.
Fond du Lac, WI for an amazing Grand Opening that we were privileged to be involved in on Aug.24th.
KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW would like to personally thank David "TUFFY" Munson for all his help with
KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW. We would also like to thank Mike Maas, Rebecca Maas, Jason Dowidat and Scott Maas for all the time they spent promoting this organization during Tuffy's Outpost Grand Opening to the community. Our president Mike Maas was able to get live air time with K107 to promote KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW thanks to Tuffy's Outpost. It was a very exciting weekend for this organization. 
KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW would like to thank everyone involved to help make this program a success.  

KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW would like to thank Dan Small host of OUTDOOR WISCONSIN for all of his support for our organization. Dan Small has been hosting the iconic OUTDOOR WISCONSIN for 30 years. Dan Small can also be heard on Outdoors Radio with Dan Small on 11 stations in WI, including Newstalk 1130 WISN, Milwaukee at 6:00 a.m. Saturdays.
KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW would like to thank Miss Fond du Lac for her support with KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW. 

On the water news:
                            We have completed our 2013 main open water season. We can't be more excited at how well our first year went and the number of young adults we were able to get out on the water. We ran 67 trips this year with young adults from all over the state and even had kids from out of state join us in our program. Through out the year these young adults landed hundreds of Walleyes with the biggest being a very nice 28 inch Walleye caught out of the Bay of Green Bay by a 17 year old proud young man. We ran 3 camping trips to northern Wisconsin chasing the mighty Musky. Over these trips we were able to land 9 Muskies with the biggest Musky measuring at a very fat 46 inches caught by a very excited and shaking 12 year old young man. The second biggest Musky was a very healthy 39 inch Musky caught by a proud 13 year old young man. These young men and women also had landed countless other species of fish as well from Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Northern, Perch, White Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Catfish and the given when you fish the big waters, the Fresh Water Drum.

If we were to guess we would say that 80% of these young men and women caught their first Walleye or Musky through this organization. That does say a lot about this organization and the true
 opportunity it gives these young men and women. The knowledge that they have gained and had the fantastic opportunities these young adults got to experience is priceless. The smiles and excitement of these young adults makes our guides/mentors time all the more enjoyable. We are truly looking forward to our 2014 season.

We will now be spending our time trying to promote this organization. We are truly in need of support. We jumped into this year with no real time to work on donations or sponsors as we thought it was more important to be on the water with these young adults. The thousands of dollars we spent to make this year a success came from most of our team and families. To make 2014 a success we will need sponsors and personal donations. We would like to expand this program across the country and in reality it could easily happen if we all come together. We could get thousands of young men and women on the water from across the country with proper support. We have a long term goal of having at least 2 chapters in every state. Please help us in our mission. Show your support for Kids Fishing for Tomorrow.     

******* Please help us strengthen our tomorrow. We can't make all this happen without your support. Please click on and visit our Donation/Sponsor tab at the top of the page for more information and the different way you can donate.Please help us grow and expand our program so we can help more and more communities.
You can make a difference.
To learn more about our organization. Please visit our About tab at the top of the page.  

Upcoming events and other news:

Kids Fishing for Tomorrow will have 2014 open water schedule ready by the end of March of 2014. Please still watch the event page as we will be running groups out ice fishing through out the winter once we have a strong 12 inches of ice. We know some may say that is a lot of ice and we may agree, but the most important thing during this time of year is the safety of these young adults. Plus this also allows our guides and mentors plenty of time to locate schools of fish so when the time does come. These young adults will get a great opportunity at putting fish on the ice.

Kids Fishing for Tomorrow has many great things that are in the works for the spring and early summer of 2014. We are working with a couple different schools and school districts which we can't announce at this time, but what we can say is we are working on building an after school program to help both general students and students that maybe considered at risk students. We want to help guide these young men and women towards something positive. We would like to help these young adults preform better in school in all aspects. We hope to help them develop a positive passion.

Kids Fishing for Tomorrow is also working with another organization to develop a program that helps troubled parents connect with their child or children through fishing. We want to help better all of our committees and help strengthen families.

To learn more about Kids Fishing for Tomorrow. Please visit our about page which can be located at the top of this page.

Media News:

KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW was honored to record a radio show with Dan Small host of OUTDOOR WISCONSIN and OUTDOORS RADIO with Dan Small. Our show will be heard the week after labor day. Our radio show with Dan Small can be heard on 11 radio stations across Wisconsin including Newstalk 1130 WISN, Milwaukee at 6:00 a.m. Saturday and 24/7 at the following websites.
Outdoors Radio is also streamed twice daily at
An article was written about KIDS FISHING FOR TOMORROW with Activist Angler publication.

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